My Philosophy

An artist uses many colors to tell a story on the canvas. When that one dimensional fabric becomes a scene with depth and color, at once the story is no longer only his to tell... but the viewers as well.



I have always wanted to tell the story of those who feel invisible or voiceless... not the underprivileged, but, the everyday man and woman. People who live life as completely as they can. Those who are responsible for creating this world we live in and making it a little more crazy, interesting and so much damn fun. They are you, me...they! I want to tell our story.


I am an artist 

I am a screenwriter

I am a blogger

I am a stylist 

I am a songwriter

I would describe my style as contemporary in presentation, yet classic/traditional in theme. The family is at the core of who we are; good or bad. In my work I show the interaction of all families and how the choices/paths these interactions force us to make and take, create this world we live in.

I write great films!



A citizen of the world, a resident of New Jersey and a lover of New York City!!!!